Hi, I'm Debbie, the person behind Snowdonia Soaps. 

 As I've gotten older (shall we say 'matured'), I've become increasingly aware of some of the concerns about the chemicals used in soaps and commercial body products.

Snowdonia Soaps was founded out of a desire to find safe, natural alternatives that are vegan friendly, cruelty free and don't contain any parabens, SLS, phaltates, triclosan etc.

I taught myself to make natural cold processed soaps through a process of trial and error.  These early soaps were a bit 'rough and ready' but that didn't matter to me.  What blew me away was the difference between my handmade soap and the commercial soaps which I had been using.

Since then, I've made thousands of batches of soap and have perfected  decorative techniques, after all, why shouldn't soap be beautiful as well as functional?

My passion is to offer you a range of handmade bath, body and home products which give you a touch of everyday luxury.

And if you visit the shop, you will be able to see them being made on the premises.