To help reduce your postage costs, we are now offering an Open Box scheme. It would work like this:

Say you wanted to order just one bar of soap while it is available, but you don't need it right now. You place the order as normal and pay the postage cost (this is the only time you will pay postage for your open box).

Then add a note to your order or email me immediately at snowdoniasoaps@gmail .com to tell me that you would like to set up an open box.

I will get an actual box, put your name on it, and add whatever you have bought. I'll then store it for you.

Over time, you can keep adding items to your box, one at a time or perhaps many things. 

Just use the code:  OPENBOX at checkout (this will only work for verified open box customers).  This will then give you free shipping for that order.

You can order as often as  you like and I will keep adding things to your personal box* so long as you use the code OPENBOX.  

When you are ready to receive whatever is stored in the box, just pop a note on your final order, or email me, and I will post the whole lot out to you.

Whilst you have an open box, you may still want something posted out to you immediately.  All you need to do is pay the normal postage for that order and I will post it straight out rather than adding it to your open box.


1. The maximum size of the box to be posted out to you is 12" x 12" x 12".  This will hold between 4-6 kg of products (which is a lot!)  If your purchases look like they are reaching the limit for your box we will send you a message to let you know.  Your box will then be sent out to you and the code removed.

2. I will store your open box for 3 months from the date of the first order you place for it.  If you have not requested for your box to be sent to you once 3 months has been reached, it will automatically be sent out.  This is firstly because most products have a shelf life and we want them to reach you in optimum condition.  And secondly, we have a limited amount of space to store open boxes in so this ensures that we can keep offering this service to you.

IMPORTANT: If you want me to set up an open box, you must contact me within a few hours of placing your first order.  Otherwise your order might end up posted out to you as normal